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Irrigation Efficiency

Water Use Efficiency

WUE is a generic label for an array of performance indicators used to describe water use within a cropping system. These indicators, particularly in combination, reveal the water use efficiency of a system or system component. To learn more about water use efficiency click here

Storage & Distribution Efficiency

This section relates to the efficiency in which water on farm is held in storages and then delivered to fields for application to crops. There are many ways in which this efficiency can be tested and improved. To learn more about these methods click here

Deep Drainage

Water applied to soil that moves below the root zone is referred to as deep drainage.  Where poor irrigation practices are used it can be a significant component of the soil water balance.  This drainage can lead to rising water tables and associated salinity.  The best way to reduce this drainage is to maintain a sufficient empty storage or soil water deficit as a buffer in the soil profile, coupled with good irrigation practice.  To learn more about deep drainage and its management click here