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Irrigation Efficiency

Efficient irrigation relies on good system design and management.  To learn more about achieving efficient irrigation click here

Irrigation Systems

Various irrigation systems enable producers to control the amount, timing and sometimes quality of water applied to the crop.  The main goal however, is to evenly distribute adequate water to the field to ensure each plant has sufficient water. These different irrigation systems are split into three main categories; Overhead systems, Furrow systems and Drip systems. To learn more about irrigation systems, click here

Soil & Water Management

Farm management affects soil structure and the ability for plants to take water from the soil, this in turn affects the yield and potential of the crops grown. Many factors are considered in this topic from structure and texture of soils though to problems such as salinity and sodicity and how to address management issues. To learn more about soil and water management, click here

Irrigation in QLD

There are around 9,400 irrigators in Queensland irrigating around 500,000 ha. The gross value of this irrigated production for Queensland is around $3 billion annually. To learn more about irrigation in Queensland, click here