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WaterSched Professional – our updated on-line irrigation management tool

Over the past year we have been updating our two irrigation management tools – CropWaterUse and WaterSched2.  These have now been replaced with WaterSched Professional (incorporating CropWaterUse and CropWaterSched) which is now available for testing at .  You will need to register as a user at this site in order to use these tools (click on the Register link at the top right of the webpage in your web browser).

They have been completely re-written and new features added.  These include:


  • All weather data from SILO weather sites across Australia is now included – through to the current date (in the earlier version only data until 2008 was included)
  • There are a range of broadacre crops included but you can create crop data for any crop that you have crop co-efficient data for
  • You can scale water use for your location if you feel it is greater or less than that from the official weather station for your locality
  • You can create scenarios for multiple farms and fields, and filter reports to show the locations you are interested in.


  • All weather data from SILO weather sites across Australia is now included
  • You can specify the years of data that you want to use in analyses
  • You can readily add and change soil water holding capacity for your fields
  • There are a range of broadacre field crops which can be modified and added to
  • You can link each site to the DAF Queensland AgMargins gross margin tool, enabling economics to be considered in deciding how to allocate available water supplies in-season
  • You can examine weather data in the context of ENSO, with likely projected water use being displayed for each crop being grown

These enhancements together with many of the excellent features of the original tools can be accessed at no cost simply by registering as a new user.  And all your analyses are attached to your account, only accessible by you and readily referred back to or used in creating new analyses for additional fields, farms and seasons.

There are several on-line videos which explain the use of the tools.  These are accessed through the Help button in the Analysis area for each tool.

If you have any questions in relation to these tools please contact Graham Harris at

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